Blueberry unifies the DeFi experience: Aggregating, Automating, and Boosting Capital Efficiency for top DeFi Strategies.


Lend dormant assets for a low risk passive yield. Blueberry safely creates a lending market for any ethereum based crypto asset.


Borrow up to 600% collateral supplied and deploy to the best yield strategies available.


Leverage Long / Short

Instead of using a CEX, use Blueberry to go leverage long or short top yielding assets like frxETH, wBTC, or Convex LP tokens. Keep control of your position on chain with no counter-party risk and earn yield instead of paying it.

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Delta Neutral

Achieve leveraged yields while hedging your price exposure to minimize your risk of liquidation.

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Blueberry Vaults

Blueberry Vaults leverage concentrated liquidity AMMs and Chainlink Automation to provide sophisticated liquidity provision strategies at the click of a single button.

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Blueberry Vaults
Combining the best features of DeFi for the ultimate LP experience

Automated Vaults

Blueberry Uni V3 vaults use custom algorithms and Chainlink Automation to manage liquidity optimally, producing a real yield

Capital Efficiency

Borrow up to 600% LTV to deploy into vaults

Collateral Flexibility

Keep 100% of your directional token position while generating yield as an LP

Ecosystem Partners

Chainlink Labs

Coral Defi







Composable Corp


Multisig Ventures


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