Boost Your Earnings with Blueberry, the #1 DeFi Leverage Platform.

Lend single-sided assets for the highest passive yields, or lever up your favorite DeFi strategy.


Maximize Your DeFi Budget

Blueberry's innovative approach to risk management allows the protocol to support the most leverage possible for a strategy, while minimizing lender risk.

Seamless Connectivity Across DeFi

Our team of DeFi experts at Blueberry are committed to integrating top strategies. Want to see your favorite protocol included? Just request an integration and we'll make it happen.

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Your Bridge to Better Investing

DeFi leverage can be complex and risky, but Blueberry simplifies it for you. With our clear risk tags and real-time profit/loss tracking, managing your position has never been easier.

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Secure Your Stake

Join us in the early stages to earn BLB governance tokens and help shape the future of Blueberry Protocol. Your voice matters in our journey ahead!

Initial DeFi budget

Initial DeFi budget


Without Blueberry

On common DeFi platforms


With Blueberry

Up to 10X leverage

Up to


With Blueberry

Up to 50X leverage on selected strategies

Up to


Little things that make your life easier

Strategy Health


PnL from entry

$101,525 (+104%)

Delta Neutral

Input Collateral




Live PnL

We hope this will become a standard in DeFi...

Risk Tags

Customize your approach.

Flexible Collateral Options

Maintain your preferred exposure.

How is that possible?

Blueberry uses position NFTs stored in a decentralized custodian contract to keep control of collateral, borrow, and deployment strategies for each position. This enables leverage while protecting both the lender and the borrower.

Who is Blueberry for?

Blueberry is for everyone on chain. The lending side is perfect for more passive, low risk takers to earn the best interest rates on the market. Borrowing to use leveraged strategies is perfect for deeply knowledgeable DeFi users who know how to manage their risk and maximize their returns.

What can I do with Blueberry?

Trade + Earn

Go long or short, and earn interest + rewards while you do it. Often, you’ll earn interest while using leverage, instead of losing money.

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Wrapped BTC

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Leveraged Yield (Farming, etc)

Access leverage into popular DeFi strategies such as LP farms, yield arbitrage, multi-step strategies, and more!

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Lido stETH

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Concentrated Liq

Automated concentrated liquidity managed vaults on Uniswap v3. Vaults aim to generate returns relative to a single "deposit asset" while maximizing trading fees earned.

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Blueberry Vaults

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